Q: How do I locate my Skate Canada number or password?

A: If you have never skated in one of our programs, you will not have a Skate Canada number and will need to create a new account when you register- you can do this by clicking the "Don't Have a Profile" link.

If you have skated with us, you will have a Skate Canada number and must not create a new account. If you create a second account, you will be charged a $32.70 administrative fee to offset additional costs we incur.

Unless you have changed it, your PASSWORD is your LAST NAME.

If you have forgotten your Skate Canada number or password, you can obtain this information by entering your email address here. Note: your email address must match the address held in the Skate Canada database.

If you are unable to obtain your Skate Canada number or password using the above instructions, please phone the KWSC office at 519-886-5972 ext 229.